NZ Twins at Vancouver Fashion Week

Inserito il 02.04.2014

Nadia + Zehra Mustafa @ Vancouver Fashion Week

Great news from our favourite twins Nadia+Zehra Mustafa and their funny, colorful and provocative brand NZ TWINS (Together We Innovate New Shit): the London-based duo has been invited to present their collection at Vancouver Fashion Week, where they have set up a great out-of-the-box show to open the evening. Fluo colours, zany styling, feathers, incredible head gear/specs made from toys: it has been a wild ride!

Someone said that the best way to describe their style is to think about the imaginarium of “Teletubbies on acid” and that’s not so far from truth: they created very distinctive pieces that both complimented and contrasted each other’s collections. The twins brought on the Canadian catwalk their fresh and expression art creative process with two collections titled Opposites Attract (about cartoon characters) and See No Evil, Hear No Evil (based on a conceptual work about children toys).

Their style draws upon their heritage for inspiration, so both collections share a lot of similarities, yet are characteristically unique. Nadia uses Italian costume and Zehra Turkish costume to bring a personal aspect to their collections. They use bold choices of colour and pattern, sculpted clothing, explicit slogan tees and feathers galore. Accessories include Troll-like headdresses, googly eyes (yes, you read correctly: nothing to do with Google, but ironically dealing with ugliness, for sure), pins and needles, backpacks and satchels, and jewelry made with LEGO blocks.

After all, their claim states “Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say and not giving a FUCK”, and the proof is here below, where you can find a selection of photos from the show and a couple of videos, taken from their brand new YouTube channel (go and have a look!).

Further info and media on VFW14 website:

Nadia+Zehra - VFW14 catwalkNadia+Zehra - VFW14 catwalkNadia+Zehra - VFW14 catwalk

Nadia+Zehra - VFW14 catwalkNadia+Zehra - VFW14 catwalkNadia+Zehra - VFW14 catwalk