• Abstract
    Profile picture of Anna-Chiara Veronesi
    Art Director,Communication Manager
    Marketing & Communication, 2009 -2012
  • Bernina-Chan
    Profile picture of Bernina Chan
    Art Director,Artistic/Creative Director,Trend Forecaster
    MA in Fashion Trend Forecasting 2013
  • [Out of the black]
    Profile picture of Chiara Meierhofer Muscarà
    Art Director,Artistic/Creative Director
    International Master in Fashion Styling, 2013
  • 11
    Profile picture of Enrica Vallone
    Art Director,Fashion Designer – Womenswear
    Master Fashion Coordinator 2009-2010
  • Design/communication
    Profile picture of Espen Markussen
    Art Director,Artistic/Creative Director,Brand Manager
    Master in fashion brand management / 2013