Marketing Manager - Product Manager
Dragana Javorcic Saponja
Master: Marketing Management For Fashion Beauty And Cosmetics 2006/2007
Photonlife Skin Care
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The passion for the cosmetic was always a guide for me to realize my dream, becoming a professionist and doing a part of the same world.

After degree in Biotechnology I understood that the laboratory wasn’t the perfect working place for my person and my character. I needed to find some other way throughout i could express myself better and where I could use my creativity and have a certain dynamics and a possibiity to comumunicate the product. So, the Master of Marketing Management for Fashion, Beauty and Cosmetics was the perfect choice for me to continue the right way. This kind of background allowed me to work as a Product Specialist in cosmetic field , using both, technical and marketing knowledge.

Every new adventure is a challenge for me to win and a precious experience to improve my personal knowledge.


  • Photonlife for Aldo Coppola
  • Epil Revolution System project
  • Photonlife Skin Care
  • LIGHT CODE project