Fashion Designer – Menswear - Fashion Designer – Womenswear - Fashion Illustrator
Ekaterina Tkachenko
Fashion Design 2013


Ekaterina Tkachenko was born in Krasnodar, Russia in 1985. She graduated from economic faculty in 2007 and was working for 4 years in the sphere of banking and investment,at the same time running her own enterprise on Design and Tailoring. Once arrived a day, when she could not fight againts the call of blood any more, and Ekaterina quit the finanial job, fired her seamstresses and left for Florence, Italy to get professional education in Fashion Design, and was accepted directly to the 2nd year of 3-year bachelor course in Polimoda. Under the careful guidance of the tutors Ekaterina revealed new areas of interest : Menswear, Furs, Digital Textile Prints, Draping. She got the internship with one of the main fur producers in Europe – Saga Furs, and was sponsored with fox skins for developing her graduation collection. Interning with Braschi Furs she got more skills in working with this 3-dimentional material, and an internship experience with Iris van Herpen opened for Ekaterina the door to the world of  haute-couture fashion. The graduation collection “L’Enfant Roi” (King Child) was honoured to be presented during Fashion Culture international exhibition in London, and was chosen one of the finalists of Taiwan Fashion Design Award in Taipei.

“We describe our social position through visulal messages and express our thoughts and ideas by putting garments on our body. My fashion ideas are always based on strong cultural background, often folclore and traditional, and influenced by the spirit of contemporaneity. I find it fascinating to tune the garments with notes of self-irony and humour, find correct balance between kitch and elegance, but always stick to visual harmony. I like to work with volumes and shapes; silhuettes are of great impotrance to me. Compound colours and their combinations, graphics and geometry are the basis for the textile prints that I invent. Perveting traditional motives and cultural clichès is one of my approches to fashion design. Fur is my great love and eternal sourse of inspiration.”

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