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Eleonora Scalia
Design Accessories and Footwear, 2009- 2012
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I start to draw with my sister fashion designer, together we created this collection. This collaboration has meant that we create an entire valuable collection.

Work with my sister is truly inspiring. We are both so passionate about what we do! Whilst inspired by the elegance and simplicity of classic men’s footwear, I wish to breathe fresh life and excitement a more modern woman by experimenting with combinations of materials and finishing techniques. The collection starts from my love of classic men’s shoes styles from their elegance and simplicity. The “Cocktail” of classic and modern, expected and surprising, old technological innovation is intoxicating and seductive. “Through the tree I want to tell my days, my years”. I want to embody the relationship between humans, nature and time. With the line represent the passing of time, that leaves trace of my life, shades of my emotions, habits and rhythm. Bodies are similar to the roots of an old tree. These designs appear to grow steadily, with no self-control, such as art, unstoppable. Every detail is delicately engraved, forming a map intimate as in the annual rings of trees. The nature and the trees around me have always been a source of creation for me, are not only beautiful on the outside, but when you try to investigate a look inside, they are “Lines of Life”. The amorphous entities emerge and take form in these accessories. With line I study the process of drawing. I examine an item as a starting point and then build the rest of the image.

You must be willing to the work, always visible with heart and open mind, and then everything is possible! I BELIEVE IN ACCESSORIES.

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